Shade Sails for Any Property

Shade sails have become a very popular item to have in homes, schools and businesses throughout the world. Nova Shades, a waterproof shade sails company based in Auckland, provide these sails to companies and homes throughout Auckland and the Northland regions.

What Makes These Sails So Popular

The easiest way to explain shade sails is to imagine the sail of a yacht and then place it on permanent galvanized legs covering the area you wish to shade. Now add a waterproof material to the mix and you have a shaded area during the summer and an outdoor space you can enjoy during the winter months.

The waterproof shade sails are increasing in popularity because they can be used throughout the year, the cover a larger space than an average outdoor parasol and they can stay in place all day every day.

Schools Use Them

One of Nova Shade’s biggest industries that use these shade sails are the schools in the area. The reason is that they want to offer the children protection while they play on the jungle gym, dig in the sandpit or just sit and quietly eat their lunch.

Children exposed to the sun for extended periods of time are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer at an older age. Children with fair skin that burn quickly are in a much higher risk than many of the other children in the school.

The waterproof shade sails are a way for the school to ensure the children enjoy outdoor play whether the sun is blazing down or it’s pouring with rain.

Businesses Use Them

The waterproof shade sails have also become very popular with businesses and offices throughout the country. These days’ companies need to take their staff into consideration, offering them an outdoor space where they can go and smoke in any weather.

The importance of an outdoor smoking area is that it is not allowed to be enclosed, which is what makes these sails so popular, they are open on the sides with a covering over the top made of waterproof material.

They are also very popular with companies wanting to create an outdoor eating area for their staff to enjoy during their lunch breaks.

Homes Use Them

More and more homes are choosing Nova Shades and having waterproof shade sails installed in their gardens. Having these sails in place enable homeowners to use their deck or patio areas throughout the year, entertaining outdoors on a hot summer’s day or making the most of their outdoor space during the cooler winter months.

The advantage to these shade sails is that they cover a large area, enabling homeowners to leave their garden furniture out throughout the year and always having a space to sit and enjoy the fresh air no matter what the weather.

The Hospitality Industry Uses Them

Nova Shades have also been installing shade sails at restaurants and hotels for many years. Restaurants and hotels use these shades to cover their outdoor seating areas and ensure their customers are comfortable and can enjoy their meal outdoors whenever they want to.

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